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July 15, 2022:
Artisans Gallery 2022
Artisans Gallery models, micros & medallions for sale read more
May 2, 2022:
Joseph's Dream Art Competition
My painting was a finalist in this year's art competition... read more
December 29, 2021:
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Spotted Pony
My first Appaloosa micro-mini! read more
September 16, 2021:
Micro-mini Icelandic mare read more
July 15, 2021:
Artisans Gallery 2021
Here are the painted micro-minis and resins I had for the 2021 virtual Artisans Gallery. read more
June 15, 2021:
My Best Customs Contest entry for 2021. read more
December 30, 2020:
Trifid Space Unicorn / Pegasus
Digital painting of a space unicorn read more
December 23, 2020:
Merry Christmas :) read more
October 31, 2020:
Happy Halloween!
read more
August 23, 2020:
Buddy's Song
Micro-mini thouroughbred in dappled red bay read more
July 7, 2020:
Artisans Gallery Preview
Sneak peek at some pieces I'll have in the virtual Artisans' Gallery read more
February 29, 2020:
My first micro-mini, painted in oils read more
July 9, 2019:
BreyerFest 2019 App
A new app this year, for both iOS and Android read more
March 3, 2019:
My new Icelandic horse medallion read more
December 23, 2018:
Winter Horse
Have yourself a merry little Christmas... read more
December 17, 2018:
"Wild One" - Mustang in Sterling Silver
A new horse head pendant in sterling silver. read more
October 23, 2018:
Sarah Rose's mini ASB resin, painted by me to a flashy bay tobiano. read more
May 28, 2018:
Digital drawing I did for #mermay2018 read more
February 26, 2018:
Painted Curly Q
read more
December 30, 2017:
Curly Q Gypsy Vanner Foal in Resin
My new mini-scale Gypsy Vanner foal, now in resin read more
December 17, 2017:
Pinto Mini Marwari
One of the Marwari resins I painted for BreyerFest this year... read more
December 17, 2017:
Palomino Moxie
The lovely mini Moxie stock mare in flashy golden palomino! read more
August 18, 2017:
Dark Bay Mini Marwari
One of the Marwari resins I painted for BreyerFest this year... read more
July 30, 2017:
Artisans Gallery 2017
Another BreyerFest has come and gone! Here are the models I took to the Artisans Gallery. read more
June 3, 2017:
Mini Marwari in progress
Dark bay mini Marwari read more
January 29, 2017:
I'm entering "National Model Painting Month" to paint these models during February. read more
December 21, 2016:
Little Herd of Resins
A little herd of mini resins I've painted... read more
July 27, 2016:
BreyerFest 2016
I'm back from another trip to BreyerFest. Here are the mini resins I had for sale at the Artisan's Gallery! read more
June 1, 2016:
BreyerFest 2016 App
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2016! read more
August 29, 2015:
Moxie #1
I've finally finished painting this mini "Moxie" stock mare by Sarah Rose. She turned out beautiful! read more
July 15, 2015:
BreyerFest 2015
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2015! read more
August 4, 2014:
BreyerFest 2014 Photos
Photos and a recap of the 25th anniversary "Silver Jubilee" BreyerFest. read more
July 6, 2014:
BreyerFest App 2014
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2014! Plus a web app for Android and other phones... read more
November 9, 2013:
Had a fun time at the Texas Renfest a few weeks back. Here are a couple of pix from the faire! read more
October 19, 2013:
Flying Dragon pendants
A few silver flying dragon pendants are available. read more
July 13, 2013:
BreyerFest App 2013
The BreyerFest app, now updated for 2013! read more
October 24, 2012:
Passage to the Pacific
Photos and a recap of my trip to the "Passage to the Pacific" Breyer event in San Diego. read more
August 12, 2012:
BreyerFest 2012 Wrap-Up
Photos from Breyerfest 2012. read more
July 16, 2012:
BreyerFest 2012!
New this year! An iPhone app for BreyerFest! read more
June 10, 2012:
Little Lonestar: The Hairy Details
Handpainting details on Little Lonestar. read more
May 20, 2012:
Lonestar Painting Day 2
Creating airbrush masking with blue painter's tape. read more
May 19, 2012:
Lonestar Painting Day 1
Painting the Little Lonestar resin using an Iwata HP-C Airbrush and acrylic (gouache) paints. read more
May 18, 2012:
Little Lonestar Prepping
Preparing a resin model for painting: use an oil-resistant primer! read more
March 6, 2012:
Another Little Lonestar Arrives!
I got another blank Little Lonestar resin in the mail today from Sarah Rose. read more
January 16, 2012:
Newly Painted: Imp & Lonestar
Two new mini resins I recently finished: "Imp" and "Little Lonestar". read more
December 12, 2011:
Draw Lights: Christmas Lights for iOS
Here's a new holiday Christmas lights app for the iPhone! read more
November 17, 2011:
New Christmas App
Working on a new Christmas app... read more
October 6, 2011:
Steve Jobs
Some great quotes about and from Steve. Can't believe he's gone. read more
September 26, 2011:
Silver Dragon Pendant
Silver flying dragon pendants available read more
August 15, 2011:
Summer Eggster
I've updated my easter-egg game Eggster, now with a new Summer board! read more
July 18, 2011:
Mini Models for the Artisan's Gallery
Photos of all the models I took to sell at the Artisan's Gallery this year. read more
July 8, 2011:
Mini (1/32) scale Pegasus wings now available! read more
June 25, 2011:
Fireworks on the Kemah Boardwalk
Photos of the fireworks in Kemah, TX. read more
April 24, 2011:
Easter Flowers
Happy Easter! Here are a few pix of what's been blooming around here lately... read more
April 16, 2011:
Video: The Mountain
I love this video. read more
April 4, 2011:
Sunshine Celebration, Day 2
Photos and a recap from day 2 of the Sunshine Celebration in Ocala FL. read more
April 1, 2011:
Sunshine Celebration Day 1: Tri-Circle-D Ranch
Photos and a recap from day 1 of the Sunshine Celebration in Orlando FL. read more
April 1, 2011:
Sunshine Celebration Day 1: Models
Photos and a recap from day 1 of the Sunshine Celebration in Ocala FL. read more
March 18, 2011:
Trying out my new camera by taking pix of lizards! read more
December 28, 2010:
Video: How to Train Your Dragon
My favorite song from my favorite movie of the year. Go Toothless! read more
December 16, 2010:
Hill Country Lights
I visited Austin last weekend, and a friend and I drove out to the hill country to look at Christmas lights. Here are some pix from the incredible lights display in Johnson City, TX. read more
November 19, 2010:
Holiday Bells
Holiday Bells is now out for the iPad! Play Christmas music with the handbells... read more
October 18, 2010:
Sunset in HDR
I wouldn't have thought HDR was something I wanted in a camera. But the iPhone4 has it, and I've been trying it out. read more
September 13, 2010:
Eucalyptus Leaf
Close-up photo of a eucalyptus leaf, taken with the iPhone 4. read more
May 30, 2010:
Spring Wildflowers 2010
Photos at the Wildflower Center in Austin, Spring 2010 read more
March 3, 2010:
I took a class in using Precious Metal Clay (PMC). Love it! read more
February 5, 2010:
Winter at the Wildflower Center
A few winter photos around the Wildflower Center in Austin. read more
December 2, 2009:
Machinarium is a new (and very cute) adventure game by Amanita Design, the creators of Samorost. read more
November 1, 2009:
Breyer Lone Star Experience
Photos from Breyer's "Lone Star Experience" in Fort Worth, TX. It was my first time attending a Breyer special event, and I had a blast! read more
October 25, 2009:
Houston Quilt Show 2009
Photos from the International Quilt Festival in Houston. The artistry in these quilts is amazing. read more
October 11, 2009:
Austin in October
Photos at the Austin Wildflower Center, and Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg TX. read more
October 31, 2008:
Baby Bananas!
Today I discovered some baby bananas sprouting from my banana plant in the back yard! read more
May 11, 2008:
Casa Mare
Here's an old photo of the "Big House", the old William Scott mansion that used to stand on the grounds of camp Casa Mare in Seabrook, TX. read more
May 6, 2008:
The honeybees are getting drunk on the flowers from my wax leafs... read more
March 17, 2008:
Questionaut is another beautiful and quirky flash game by the creators of Samorost. read more
June 28, 2007:
Kemah Rollercoaster, June '07
Pix of the Kemah Boardwalk's new rollercoaster under construction. read more
March 21, 2007:
Fightin' Lizards
I snapped a few pictures of these lizards fighting on one of the drainpipes outside my house. read more
February 21, 2007:
Trail Riders!
These folks rode right past my neighborhood this morning. Pretty neat! read more